The baby seat monitoring device

Drive worry-free from now on, with Baby’b’Safe.

Avoid danger and distractions

After cell phones, baby car-seats are the leading cause of distraction for driving moms.

The average mom spends almost 5% of her time checking on her baby while driving.

Drive free of worries,

with Baby’B’Safe.



is a monitoring devices allowing you to drive safely and free of worries, knowing your baby is in its car seat.


Plug Baby’B’Safe in your cars power outlet and monitor your baby distraction free.

Patent pending wireless technology

Baby’B’Safe communicates wirelessly with an advanced pressure cushion mounted under the baby-seat, giving you full control over your babies safety while driving distraction free.

Visual Warning

Baby’B’Safe turns red if it detects your baby has removed itself from the baby-seat


Audio Warning

Baby’B’Safe starts beeping if it detects your baby is not safely strapped in its baby-seat


Audible and visual warnings if the child remains in the baby seat after the ignition has been switched off
Suitable for children from 5kg to 36kg (6 months to 12 years)
Consists of the display unit and the switch pad
The switch pad is battery powered and wirelessly communicates with the display unit
The display unit features:
– Buzzer
– Display
– 2A USB output for charging other devices
Suitable for 12V cars only

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